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Soul Yoga


Soul Yoga


Mindful Meditation: In mindfulness meditation, once you establish concentration, you observe the flow of inner thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations without judging them as good or bad. Pay attention. You also notice external sensations such as sounds, sights, and touch that make up your moment-to-moment experience.

Tru Fit Flow: Tru Fit Flow is a fitness-fusion yoga class integrating components of Pilates, low-impact HIIT and flow sequences for fitness and yoga lovers alike. Focusing on core and gluteal work, this class utilizes simple equipment to strengthen and stretch your muscles and elevate your practice. Whether you’re a die-hard yogi or fitness fanatic, you’re sure to love Tru Fit Flow.

Tru Flow: Go with the Tru Flow. Inspired by our branded Tru Signature Series, this flow-based yoga class takes your practice one step further with simple arm balances and inversions. All levels can flow through an energizing series of postures, leaving you feeling stronger, more flexible and grounded.

Tru Flow Express: We know how valuable your time is. Tru Flow Express delivers the same active yoga experience as Tru Flow in an efficient amount of time. Students move seamlessly from pose to pose by synchronizing breath with movement to form a mind-body connection. This vinyasa-style class allows for creativity of the teacher so you have a different experience every time you visit your mat.

Tru Signature Series: Tru Signature Series is TruFusion’s essential yoga class. This brand favorite sets the foundation for beginners while also elevating the seasoned yogi’s practice with advanced variations. Students will flow in and out of postures seamlessly with modifications or added challenges, leaving you revitalized after this rewarding experience.

Tru Yinfused: Tru YinFused allows yoga and fitness practitioners alike to sink into deeper stretches and open even the tightest parts of the body. This practice of self myofascial release fuses components of yin, vinyasa and trigger point rolling to massage deep muscle tissue and improve blood flow for muscle recovery.

Vinyasa: Suitable for all levels, Vinyasa moves students seamlessly from one pose to another while synchronizing breath. Each teacher is allowed to let their personal experience come through and utilize the skills they’ve learned in their training. There will be no predetermined sequence for this class as the style is open to the teacher’s interpretation. Be prepared to go with the flow and break through physical and mental limitations.

Vin/Yin: Vinyasa and Yin, it’s the best of both worlds. Move with breath and lubricate your joints in a vinyasa flow before zen-ing out with restorative Yin. The combination of these two yoga favorites provides a holistic healing of both body and mind.

Yin: Yin is your portion of the day to unwind and release what no longer serves you in an unheated environment. The therapeutic nature of this relaxing yoga allows students to deepen postures and open even the tightest parts of the body. This class is for those who enjoy a zen, detoxifying stretch for an increased flow of energy and range of motion. Funky tunes and vibes included.

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Week 3/1 - 3/7